Registration Certificate : -000280/10


  • Indications to application
    Treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of a virus etiology (flu, and other ORVI).
  • Way of application and dose
    On 1 inhalation dose (1 dose of 85 KIE) in each nasal course each 2-4 hours (800-2000 KIE/days). The maximum daily dose 50-65 KIE/days on kg of weight of a body. A base recommended course of inhalations: a breath through a nose, an exhalation through a mouth, at a virus inflammation in a nasal cavity; a breath through a mouth and an exhalation in a nose in the presence of symptoms of a virus inflammation in a rotoglotka, a trachea and bronchial tubes. Probably combined inhalation on one dose in nasal courses and through a mouth. Duration of a course from 3 to 8 days depending on weight of a disease with periodicity each 2-4 hours.
  • Instructions on the correct use
    Before the first application press dosing-out valve twice.




    Before each application observe the following procedure:

    Eliminate a protective cover and stir up a barrel.

    Deeply exhale.

    Inhaler keep in situation which is brought on drawing, at inhalation through a mouth an oral nozzle compress lips or at inhalation through a nose a nasal nozzle insert into a nostril.

    At the same time with a deep breath vigorously press dosing-out valve which will allocate one aerosol dose. For 1-2 seconds hold the breath, after that take out an oral nozzle from a mouth, nasal from a nose and exhale.

    After application insert back protective cover on an oral nozzle which establish on dosing-out head for its protection against damage.

    If the preparation wasn't used within three days, it is necessary to press once before new application dosing-out valve.

    Release form
    Aerosol for inhalations the dosed-out 85 KIE/dose.
    On 35 000 KIE (350 doses) or 25 000 KIE (250 doses) in a metal (aluminum) cylinder capacity of 30 ml or 20 ml, respectively, with the portioning device (valve). On one cylinder together with the instruction on application and a set from the 2nd nozzles for nasal and oral application with safety caps are placed in plastic planimetric yacheykovy packing, and then are packed into a cardboard pack.

    Expiration date
    3 years. Not to use after an expiration date specified on packing.