Covering for wounds polymeric membrane, carrying out functions of a live skin - OMIDERM

Omiderm a flexible, transparent polymeric film-membrane, thickness about 20 microns, received by radiating transplantation hydrophilous monomers on polyurethane a basis. Omiderm - extremely plastic, transparent, not a sticky and easily imposed membrane. It gently adjoins to a wound and repeats contours of body. Thanks to presence of a polymeric network and microporous structure the membrane possesses the highest, among all dressing means, ability to pass exudation from a wound, is capable to pass small molecules of oxygen, water and medicaments means (antibiotics and antibacterial means in the form of creams and solutions), putting them, as well as on a live skin, is direct on covering a wound of Omiderm. But at the same time Omiderm interferes with penetration of the big molecules of microorganisms and proteins, removes painful sensations, allows fabrics to "breathe and allocate a moisture, creating thus a barrier on an infection way. Omiderm it is simple in use both for professionals in clinical conditions, and for independent use by patients in house conditions. Simply open an envelope with Omiderm and take a sterile membrane. Impose Omiderm on preliminary prepared wound (left damp], without stretching. After check good abutment to a healthy skin surrounding a wound, slightly smooth Omiderm and cut off superfluous corners and folds. The transparency of Omiderma allows to observe of recover process. As well as the healthy skin which reddening, puffiness and other symptoms specifies in threat of an infection of Omiderm, thanks to the transparency, allows to observe constantly of a condition of a wound and at visible signs of an infection to introduce corrective amendments in process of treatments. If recover passes without complications, usually there is no necessity for change of a membrane which gradually exfoliates. At edge Omiderma recover will rise over the begun to live sites and should be cut off. If for any reason it is necessary or it is desirable to remove Omiderm, it is enough to moisten of it only before impregnation and easily, without serious consequences to remove. Through a healthy skin the organism allocates usually an order of 240 ml from one m? Surfaces for days. In case of infringement of an integument depending on an origin of a wound the quantity of an allocated liquid increases to 3.5 5 liters, and Omiderm is capable to pass through itself to 8 liters of exudation. Its this property incomparably with possibilities of all of others known for today, wound coverings. Being imposed (any party) on an open damp wound, this thin film instantly absorbs from it water and, becoming elastic, densely sticks to wound surfaces without gluing means, completely covering the naked nervous terminations and protecting them even from the slightest fluctuation of air and temperature changes. Bandaging passes almost without serious consequences for the patient. Omiderm doesn't cause an allergy and irritation. Thus, thanks to the outstanding properties this wound covering comes nearer to a live skin of the person. The ranevoe covering of "Omiderm" possesses properties: - the Highest ability to pass exudation (to 8 liters a day with 1 2 wound surfaces); - to Reduce painful sensations; - to Prevent penetration of microbes; - to Allow to get to oxygen and medicines; - To be imposed without gluing means by any party; - Flexibility to repeat body contours, providing comfort and movement freedom; - a Transparency, allowing to observe of healing process; - To be without fibres, not to grow together with fabrics; - to Provide painlessness of bandaging; - not to cause an allergy; - To be sterile; - Easy-to-use to be stored at room temperature with working life till 5 years.