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WAKE spol.s.r.o. (Czech Republic)


Treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of a virus etiology (flu, and other ORVI).

  "BIOPHARM" (Russia)


Viruses blocker (Japan)


The unique development of Japanese scientists – suspension sachet to protect people from viruses and bacteria. Active ingredient – chlorine dioxide with high disinfectant properties.

Nanoclo for office and flat

The unique development of Japanese scientists – protect people from viruses and bacteria. Active ingredient – chlorine dioxide with high disinfectant properties.

Company "FrezyDerm"

Baby Cream 50 ml/125 ml

Soft, protective, water resistant cream with chamomile oil, pantothenol and zinc oxide.

Its special composition protects and relieves from irritations and redness of the nappy area.

It forms a water resistant layer on the epidermis, blocking the urine irritation.
For babies, children and adults.


Baby Shampoo 200 ml

Special formula with mild surfants for the daily shampooing
of babies, children and adults.
Contains chamomile extract and wheat proteins,

OPHTHALMOLOGICALLY AND DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED product. No irritating to eyes and skin. Rich foam, easy to rinse off, leaving hair soft and easily combed.

Baby ABCC (Against Baby Cradle Cap) 50 ml

Light emollient oil for babies’ cradle cap removal with chamomile oil, a-bisabolol and vitamin E.
The active ingredients’ action improves the incomplete function of babies’ skin.
With anti-irritant properties.


Baby Bath 200 ml

Mild foam bath for the daily bathing of babies, children and adults. Contains mild surfactants, chamomile extract, wheat proteins and almond esters.


TESTED - not irritating to eyes and skin.

Rich foam is created without disturbing babies’ skin balance.

Baby Foam 150 ml

Mild foam for the quick, easy cleansing and care of baby skin.
Contains mild surfactants, chamomile extract, wheat proteins, moisturizers, emollients and antiphlogistic ingredients.


Indications: Easy and effective cleansing of the sensitive baby skin inside our outise the house. In each diaper change. Bed-ridden patients’ hygiene.

Atopic dermatitis, eczematous conditions. Make up removal.

Baby Liquid Talc 150 ml

Cream-Talc for babies and children skin care with pharmaceutical talc, chamomile oil, chamomile extract and wheat proteins.
Forms a thin protective layer, absorbs surface moisture and isolates skin from irritating factors.


Baby Oil 200 ml

Light-flow and lightly-scented oil for the cleansing, care and protection from irritations and intertigos with chamomile oil, standardized a-bisabolol, emollient esters and paraffin oil of pharmaceutical purity.
Chamomile oil and a-Bisabolol anti-phlogistic action is precious to the sensitive child skin.


Chamomile Bath 200 ml

Liquid solution for the hygiene of irritated and atopic skin with chamomile extract, aloe, ?-Glycyrrhetinic acid and antiphlogistic ingredients.
Its innovative formula ensures anti-irritant, anti-phlogistic and healing action.
It does not produce foam and must not be rinsed. Suitable for babies, children and adults. Neutral pH. Special care product.


Baby Hydra Milk 200 ml

Soft, hydrating emulsion for infants and children skin care with chamomile extract, wheat proteins, natural moisturizing factors (N.M.F.) and antiphlogistic ingredients.
Soothes and moisturizes the skin, protects from nappy rash, forms a thin layer protecting the hydrolipidic barrier of the underdeveloped baby’s skin.


Intim Area

Extra Mild Foam

Cleansing Care

pH 4

Rich Cleansing Foam for the Care of the Sensitive Area, during reproductive age.
Daily use

A multi-dynamic product that combines soft cleansing and protection against irritations, dryness, bacteria growth.
The foam form of the product with mild surface acting substances results in efficient cleansing, respecting the local beneficial flora.

The foam is enriched with rich hydrating ingredients and conditioning glycerides for the protection of the sensitive area from local dryness.
Allantoin, Aloe and Panthenol inhibit and reduce irritation of different cause.
A mild bacteriostatic agent (endocylenic ester) protects from the direct bacteria and fungi development.

Finally, the enrichment of the foam with CM-Glucan contributes to the reinforcement of the self-protection ability of the sensitive skin in the area.

Intim Aid

Intimate Cleanser

Specialized Cleanser for the Sensitive Area with multiple Action

The perigenital area often shows unpleasant symptoms such as vaginal and vulvar irritation, itching, vaginal secretions with bad odor or not, dryness.
When symptoms are serious and persistent, a woman consults her gynecologist and the diagnosis is often vaginitis.
Local hygiene, independent of pharmaceutical or no treatment, is critical for the treatment outcome.
The Feminine Essentials  product series includes a special cleansing product, Frezyderm INTIM AID with multiple action against symptoms.

Inhibits the development of bacteria and fungi and preserves the acidic pH of the sensitive area.
The active ingredient Capryloyl Glycine inhibits the development of Gram + and Gram – bacteria, fungi and yeasts.
Protects the normal flora of the area with the ingredient a-Glucan Oligosaccharide.
Protects from bad odor of bacterial origin with Ethylhexylglycerin.

Cleans softly the perigenital area without disturbing the ecosystem with mild surface acting substances and oat amino acid derivatives.

Mild Wash

Extra Mild Foam

Cleansing Care
pH 7

 Mild cleansing foam for care of the sensitive area during pre-adolescence or after menopause age.

Daily use

A specialized product combining mild cleansing and protection with respect towards sensitive area’s pH (pH during pre-adolescence age as well as after menopause tends to neutral pH =7).

Mild Wash incorporates rich moisturization (with moisturizing ingredients), anti-phlogistic and emollient action (allantoin, aloe and panthenol), reinforcement of natural skin defense as well as protection from irritations and allergic reactions (CM – Glucan).

Nipple Care

Cream Gel

Emollient Cream – Gel for the breast nipple care during pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and lactation, breast nipples show irritations, breaking, stretch marks, that are extended to the proximate dark color skin.

The Frezyderm Feminine Essentials product series includes a unique product, Frezyderm NIPPLE CARE, an emollient cream – gel for nipple protection and care during the sensitive period.

Enriched  with special ingredients Frezyderm NIPPLE CARE:

Sooths irritations
The Calendula, Glycyrrhiza, Allantoin and Panthenol combination has an immediate effect on irritations and erethyma and micro-inflammations.
Improves Skin Resistance
With pharmaceutical Lanoline, Centella and Avocado ingredients, skin resistance to breaking, stretch marks and small wounds is increased.
Enforces microcirculation

Plant extracts from Ruscus Aculeatus and Aesculus Hippocastanum offer an anti-inflammatory and venous activating action.


Protective Body Cream

Emollient Body Cream With Specific Composition to Prevent Stretch Mark Formation

Stretch marks are common skin atrophic line, appearing reddish in the beginning, resulting in white relief striae, mostly permanent.
They are caused by skin stretching during pregnancy, sudden changes of body weight, hormonal changes, corticosteroid use and other causes.

Preventional therapy is necessary and aims to enforce skin elasticity, hydration and strengthening.

The emollient cream Frezyderm PREVENSTRIA contains specialized ingredients for the Protection of the Natural Elastin of the Skin.

The extract from the Green Lettuce of the Sea, from the rocky coasts in Brittany, inhibits elastase action, i.e. the enzymes that decompose the elastin of the skin.
In this way it protects elastin, activates cellular respiration and cellular activity and increases skin resistance.

Skin Moisturizing

The combination of Phytosterols and Trimethyloglycine promotes hydration, has a positive action on skin atrophy and prevents transdermal water loss.

Skin Resistance Enforcement

The enrichment of the cream with CM-Glucan contributes in the reduction of the skin immunosuppression and in the increase of the skin moisture and cohesion.

Improvement of the Hydrolipid Mandle

Emollient esters, Phytosqualene, Avocado Extracts contribute to the lubrication of the keratin layer and to the preservation of the hydrating skin elements.


Restructuring Body Cream

Anaplastic Body Cream for the reconstitution of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are skin atrophic lines that are formed during pregnancy or caused by sudden body weight changes, hormonal disorders, intense athletic action and the use of corticosteroids.
Stretch marks become permanent and give the skin an unpleasant appearance.

It is truly believed that “prevention is the best therapy” for stretch marks.
However, when they are formed, they must be treated rapidly and systematically, in order to prevent their permanency on skin.
Frezyderm RECONSTRIA cream contains a combination of drastic plant and active synthetic ingredients.

Extracts from the Siegesbeckia Orientalis plant activate collagen formation, enhance skin remodeling and correct the appearance of scars and stretch marks.
An in Vivo study in women from 21 to 42 years of age with stretch marks on belly, thighs, buttocks and breast gave encouraging results. The product was continually applied for 1 month and the biometric parameters of stretch marks (length, depth, skin relief abnormalities) shown great improvement.

Frezyderm RECONSTRIA cream contains Hydroxyproline, in the form of silanole for collagen and elastic fiber recomposition.

The specialized plant oils, enriched with linoleic acid and phytosteroles, have a synergic action in improving skin texture.
Natural moisturizing ingredients provide long-term hydration and reduce transdermal water loss


The original FrezyDerm name Rectanal Aid

Hemorrhoids Relieving

Emollient Cream Relieving Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a common every day problem on a big amount of population.
They are termed as kirsoid distentions of venal networks and can lead to complications such as inflammation, thrombosis and hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be external and internal, affecting both children and adults, accompanied by pain, bowel evacuation, itching, burning sensation and intense dysphoria depending on the case. The causes are usually constipation, sedentary life, pregnancy, bad dietary habits, manual work etc.
The treatment of hemorrhoids, depending on each case begins with proper diet, local dermocosmetic care, pharmaceutical therapy even surgical reconstruction.

Frezyderm RETINAL does not contain pharmaceutical synthetic compounds but a mixture of plant ingredients that act with synergy for relieving hemorrhoid symptoms.

Plant oils from Calendula, Hippophae Rhamnoides, Argania Spinosa, Hordeum Vulgare have anti-inflammatory, epithiliopoietic and wound healing action.

The Extract of Canadian willow has anti-inflammatory and relieving action compared to the local use of hydrocortisone.

Zinc Oxide, Panthenole, Glycocyritinic Acid and Polydecanole, are active ingredients of the cream that reduce pain and rash, relieve itching and enhance healing.

The cream composition, without pharmaceutical additives guarantees safety for the users, especially when they are in a sensitive period of their life such as pregnancy and lactation.


ELEGANCE Body Contouring Cream Gel

* Lipolytic

* Anti-cellulite

* Firming

Cream Gel

Cellulitis, is a selective disorder effecting 80% of female population of all ages and its formation is due to hereditary factors, hormonal disorders, dietary and living habits and less commonly due to pathologic conditions.
Estrogens in the female body favor the appearance of cellulitis, especially during hormonal changes as in puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
Fat accumulation in fat cells, increase of their volume and pressure on capillaries inhibit normal blood and lymph circulation resulting in fluid retention and insufficient excretion of toxic metabolism products.
Fat cells become distended and affect the skin elasticity resulting in the well known “orange peel” appearance.

Cellulitis treatment requires significant changes in dietary habits, increase in the daily water intake, physical training, decrease in sedentary life, treating constipation and the use of the beneficial products of modern cosmetology.

The Feminine Essentials product series includes the new product Frezyderm TRIPLEFFECT, a cream gel with triple action.

Lipolytic – Anti-cellulitic – Firming

Stimulates lipolysis

The combination of caffeine and phospholipids penetrates the skin, approaches the fat cells and splits triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerine.
The effectiveness is enhanced by Cola Acuminata, Escin and Sodium Salicylate.

Reduces cellulitis – orange peel appearance –  decompressing action of plant extracts from Chondrus Crispus, Hedera Helix, Ruscus Aculeatus.

Improves fluid circulation, the sea originated complex of peptides, electrolytes and sugars decompresses the cells and removes the intracellular toxins.




















































































































































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