Aerosol disinfection of air and surfaces by means of  device NOCOSPRAY a way to the healthy future!!!

Nocospray – aerosol disinfector air and surfaces. It unites in the unique image the best from modern dezsredstv. The principle of action Nocospray is based on fundamental laws of biology, focuses the newest researches of microbiology, virology, a mycology, and also modern achievements of physics and chemistry – by efficiency has no analogs. All ingenious is simple.
Disinfectant liquid Nocolyse – the stabilized 6 % peroxide of hydrogen with silver ions, as the catalyst. The device sprays a disinfectant liquid, splitting it, under the influence of powerful effect of Venturi to ions that reduces it korrozirujushchuju ability and, simultaneously, raises antimicrobic activity. Ä
Thus, the mode at which the minimum concentration of active operating substances provides high antimicrobic (antibacterial, anti-virus and antifungoid) effect, and corrosion or destructive activity in relation to materials of a product is developed and toxic influence on the person is absent.

Conclusive advantages:

  1. Hospitals spend considerable material means for purchase of disinfectant, washing, sterilizing preparations, capacities for their storage, special clothes and protection frames.It is required to make periodically repair of the sewer pipes which are becoming unfit for use as a result of use plum of aggressive fulfilled solutions. As there is a risk of wrong preparation of disinfectant solutions, a considerable quantity of special preparations for check of concentration of the prepared disinfectant solutions is spent. Functionally useful work of the medical personnel on the workplaces, connected with care of patients decreases, in connection with necessity of expenses of time for training to rules of preparation of solutions, control of knowledge of the personnel, and also quality assurance of the prepared solutions, control of the made disinfection, time expenses.  There is a problem of the human factor – unfair cleaning of premises, poor-quality processing, can lead to resistance of microorganisms.    
  2.  Toxicity.After drying traditional disinfectant liquid each liter of air indoors contains billions molecules of active substance evaporating naturally. In the course of breath, and also through a skin and mucous membranes these molecules get to a human body (patients, the personnel) and each of them continues to carry out the main working function – suppression of ability to live of cages, but only already in a human body.

The decision with   device NOCOSPRAY
-     Adequate destruction of microorganisms – 99,9 %.
-  Not toxicity. Full disintegration activated disinfectant liquid in 10 minutes after the processing termination.
-   Cost of processing 50 ì3 – only 34 roubles.
Decrease in financial expenses for 30 % in comparison with expenses for processing by traditional methods (in particular, economy of the money resources spent on disinfectant, transport) -   
-  Mobility. The device can be transferred easily from a premise to a premise. Enough one device on a floor. Work with the device is simple, pleasant and convenient.
-   Disinfection of hard-to-reach spots. Disinfectant liquid it is sprayed on all volume of a processed premise, getting into remote corners – for batteries, over lamps. Processing not only surfaces, but also air.
-   The stable disinfectant solution ready to use with long working life. Excludes errors in preparation disinfectant solution and additional expenditure of time of the personnel.
-  Absence of resistance to the given kind disinfectant. Inorganic disinfectant liquid Nocolyse completely breaks up to air components in 10 minutes after premise processing. Thus, Nocospray it is possible and it is necessary to apply for years and decades, being assured that in relation to it microorganisms can't develop resistance.
Mobility of device Nocospray allows to use it and in work of field hospitals, during emergencies, accidents when the probability of distribution of infectious diseases is very high, and also for disinfection of ambulance cars that is extremely necessary after contact of doctors to patients, a HIV-infected.
    Application Nocospray isn't settled by medicine and only disinfection. And the disinfection problem is actual not only for medical institutions. Use Nocospray is possible everywhere where there is a big congestion of people or where there is a probability to catch dangerous diseases. Application Nocospray in child care centers, kindergartens, sports establishments is the most actual. Regular disinfection leads to that the smaller quantity of children is ill, and thereupon and the smaller quantity of adults is made out by sick-lists.

     Storage and transportation of vegetables and fruit with the minimum losses also it is not less actual for agriculture. Losses by transportation can reach agricultural products of 50 %. To minimize risk of damage of products it is possible, processing storehouses of vegetables and fruit, and also transport for their transportation by means of device Nocospray, destroying putrefactive bacteria. The problem of damage of products is actual not only for agriculture, and for the food-processing industry as a whole. In general, there, where is viruses, mushrooms and the bacteria which presence is undesirable, and also a substratum of any origin for their ability to live (whether it be a human body or products of any origin) – processing of a premise of any volume by means of Nocospray is necessary fast, effective and safe for the person.