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Cream Gel

* Lipolytic
* Anti-cellulite
* Firming
Cream Gel

Cellulitis, is a selective disorder effecting 80% of female population of all ages and its formation is due to hereditary factors, hormonal disorders, dietary and living habits and less commonly due to pathologic conditions.
Estrogens in the female body favor the appearance of cellulitis, especially during hormonal changes as in puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
Fat accumulation in fat cells, increase of their volume and pressure on capillaries inhibit normal blood and lymph circulation resulting in fluid retention and insufficient excretion of toxic metabolism products.
Fat cells become distended and affect the skin elasticity resulting in the well known “orange peel” appearance.

Cellulitis treatment requires significant changes in dietary habits, increase in the daily water intake, physical training, decrease in sedentary life, treating constipation and the use of the beneficial products of modern cosmetology.

The Feminine Essentials product series includes the new product Frezyderm TRIPLEFFECT, a cream gel with triple action.

LipolyticAnti-cellulitic – Firming

Stimulates lipolysis

The combination of caffeine and phospholipids penetrates the skin, approaches the fat cells and splits triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerine.
The effectiveness is enhanced by Cola Acuminata, ?scin and Sodium Salicylate.

Reduces cellulitis – orange peel appearance –  decompressing action of plant extracts from Chondrus Crispus, Hedera Helix, Ruscus Aculeatus.

Improves fluid circulation, the sea originated complex of peptides, electrolytes and sugars decompresses the cells and removes the intracellular toxins.


Apply the product on a clean and dry skin with circular movements and local massaging on the affected body areas (thighs, heaps, buttocks, belly, knees, etc.) until it is completely absorbed, twice daily.
The frequency and the duration of the use depends on the severity of each case.

Stage 1

Soft tissue Accumulation of local fat inspected only by palpation

Application once daily for at least 2-3 months.

Stage 2

Edematous tissue.Swelling, distended fat cells,small subcutaneous nodules, Pain on pressure.

Application twice daily for at least 3-4 months.

Stage 3

Solid tissue. Cellulitis is indurated, granuled, there is pain on palpation

Application twice daily for continuous permanent use

Packing: 150 ml Plastic tubes