The original FrezyDerm name Rectanal Aid

Hemorrhoids Relieving

Emollient Cream Relieving Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a common every day problem on a big amount of population.
They are termed as kirsoid distentions of venal networks and can lead to complications such as inflammation, thrombosis and hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be external and internal, affecting both children and adults, accompanied by pain, bowel evacuation, itching, burning sensation and intense dysphoria depending on the case. The causes are usually constipation, sedentary life, pregnancy, bad dietary habits, manual work etc.
The treatment of hemorrhoids, depending on each case begins with proper diet, local dermocosmetic care, pharmaceutical therapy even surgical reconstruction.

Frezyderm RETINALdoes not contain pharmaceutical synthetic compounds but a mixture of plant ingredients that act with synergy for relieving hemorrhoid symptoms.

Plant oils from Calendula, Hippophae Rhamnoides, Argania Spinosa, Hordeum Vulgare have anti-inflammatory, epithiliopoietic and wound healing action.

The Extract of Canadian willow has anti-inflammatory and relieving action compared to the local use of hydrocortisone.

Zinc Oxide, Panthenole, Glycocyritinic Acid and Polydecanole, are active ingredients of the cream that reduce pain and rash, relieve itching and enhance healing.
The cream composition, without pharmaceutical additives guarantees safety for the users, especially when they are in a sensitive period of their life such as pregnancy and lactation.

Indications - Use

FrezydermRETINALis a dermocosmetic product, with no perfume or colour, that relieves hemorrhoid symptoms.
It is suitable for use during pregnancy, lactation and other sensitized or sensitive conditions. A small amount of cream is gently applied on the perianal area 2-3 times daily depending on the severity of symptoms.

Packing: 50 ml Metallic tubes