Protective Body Cream

Emollient Body Cream
With Specific Composition
to Prevent Stretch Mark Formation

Stretch marks are common skin atrophic line, appearing reddish in the beginning, resulting in white relief striae, mostly permanent.
They are caused by skin stretching during pregnancy, sudden changes of body weight, hormonal changes, corticosteroid use and other causes.

Preventional therapy is necessary and aims to enforce skin elasticity, hydration and strengthening.

The emollient cream Frezyderm PREVENSTRIA contains specialized ingredients for the Protection of the Natural Elastin of the Skin.

The extract from the Green Lettuce of the Sea, from the rocky coasts in Brittany, inhibits elastase action, i.e. the enzymes that decompose the elastin of the skin.
In this way it protects elastin, activates cellular respiration and cellular activity and increases skin resistance.

Skin Moisturizing

The combination of Phytosterols and Trimethyloglycine promotes hydration, has a positive action on skin atrophy and prevents transdermal water loss.

Skin Resistance Enforcement

The enrichment of the cream with CM-Glucan contributes in the reduction of the skin immunosuppression and in the increase of the skin moisture and cohesion.

Improvement of the Hydrolipid Mandle

Emollient esters, Phytosqualene Avocado Extracts contribute to the lubrication of the keratin layer and to the preservation of the hydrating skin elements.

Indications Use

The use of Frezyderm PREVENSTRIA cream is necessary from the 3rd month of pregnancy until 2-3 months following labour in order to prevent stretch mark formation.
Prevention use is also indicated in sudden weight loss or gain, intense athletic action, long-term use of corticosteroids, dietary or hormonal disorders.
Frezyderm PREVENSTRIA cream is applied once or twice daily on the sensitive body areas, such as the belly, the thighs, the breast and the buttocks with gentle massaging.
The cream is pleasantly perfumed, not greasy, quickly absorbed and leaves the skin soft.

Packing: 150 ml Plastic Tubes