Intim Area

Extra Mild Foam

Cleansing Care
pH 4

Rich Cleansing Foam for the Care
of the Sensitive Area, during reproductive age.
Daily use

A multi-dynamic product that combines soft cleansing and protection against irritations, dryness, bacteria growth.
The foam form of the product with mild surface acting substances results in efficient cleansing, respecting the local beneficial flora.

The foam is enriched with rich hydrating ingredients and conditioning glycerides for the protection of the sensitive area from local dryness.
Allantoin, Aloe and Panthenol inhibit and reduce irritation of different cause.
A mild bacteriostatic agent (endocylenic ester) protects from the direct bacteria and fungi development.
Finally, the enrichment of the foam with CM-Glucan contributes to the reinforcement of the self-protection ability of the sensitive skin in the area.

Indications Use:

It is indicated for the daily cleansing of the sensitive area, especially during pregnancy, lactation, menstrual cycle, perigenital dryness, swimming in pools or sea of uncertain cleanness, when there is suspicion for an infection, etc.
Apply a substantial amount of foam on wet skin with lukewarm water, rub softly and wash well.
Dry carefully.

Without color and propellants

Packing: 150 ml tube