Intim Aid

Intimate Cleanser

Specialized Cleanser
for the Sensitive Area
with multiple Action

The perigenital area often shows unpleasant symptoms such as vaginal and vulvar irritation, itching, vaginal secretions with bad odor or not, dryness.
When symptoms are serious and persistent, a woman consults her gynecologist and the diagnosis is often vaginitis.
Local hygiene, independent of pharmaceutical or no treatment, is critical for the treatment outcome.
The Feminine Essentials product series includes a special cleansing product, Frezyderm INTIM AID with multiple action against symptoms.

Inhibits the development of bacteria and fungi and preserves the acidic pH of the sensitive area.
The active ingredient Capryloyl Glycine inhibits the development of Gram + and Gram bacteria, fungi and yeasts.
Protects the normal flora of the area with the ingredient a-Glucan Oligosaccharide.
Protects from bad odor of bacterial origin with Ethylhexylglycerin.
Cleans softly the perigenital area without disturbing the ecosystem with mild surface acting substances and oat amino acid derivatives.

Indications Use
A transparent gel with light perfume, suitable for the every day cleansing of the perigenital area, in cases of local irritation, itching, bad odor, secretions, suspected infection, after surgical operations, in combination with pharmaceutical treatment when vaginitis is diagnosed, etc.
Apply on wet skin and rub gently.
Wash and dry carefully.
The use of sponge is not recommended

Packing: 125 ml Plastic tubes