Chamomile Bath 200 ml

Liquid solution for the hygiene of irritated and atopic skin with chamomile extract, aloe, b-Glycyrrhetinic acid and antiphlogistic ingredients.
Its innovative formula ensures anti-irritant, anti-phlogistic and healing action.
It does not produce foam and must not be rinsed. Suitable for babies, children and adults. Neutral pH. Special care product.


Indications: Babies and children irritated skin, extensive nappy rash, urticaria, extensive areas’ dry and atopic skin, soothing in eruptive diseases, insects’ bites. Bed-ridden patients’ hygiene. Beneficial action in stretch marks and hemorrhoids.
Use: In tepid water dilute 25 ml of the product (3 soup-spoons). The problematic area remains into the solution for some minutes. Do not rinse the skin afterwards in order to maintain the drastic ingredients on the skin.